Session 32: Fireside Chat with Optimization Pioneer, Dr. Ed Rothberg

Mike Watson and Ed Rothberg, Opex Partner and Gurobi CEO

Aug 28 2019 (U.S.) / Aug 29 2019 (Europe)

The world of mathematical optimization has contributed greatly to the global economy for years.  Many businesses have saved millions of dollars (and improved operational efficiencies) solving problems with this technique at the helm.  In this academy session we are fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of the pioneers in this space, Dr. Ed Rothberg.

Ed led the CPLEX Optimization Team for ten years before moving on to co-found Gurobi, today’s most powerful mathematical optimization solver on the market.  Our own Mike Watson, who also brings a deep background in optimization and data science, will sit with Ed to discuss a brief history of mathematical optimization, to consider where it fits amid the current barrage of Artificial Intelligence hype, and to look into the types of future innovations it will continue to drive.

Join us this for this month’s academy in order to gain a solid understanding of the power behind mathematical optimization as the enormous value it creates in the market today as well as a sneak peek into opportunities we see it supporting in the years to come.