Session 5: Best Practices in Visualization and Storytelling

Andrew Fox, Engagement Manager, Opex Analytics

Good storytelling and visualization are an important part of analytics. You need both to ensure that people understand the analysis and can take the appropriate action. It is vital to make sure your presentations tell the right story. Although there have been advances in visualization technology, we still see either too much emphasis on charts that look great but don’t convey what you want or too little use of the visualization technology. In both cases, you are missing a chance to get your message across.

This session will take you through best practices in conveying information visually and through a well-organized delivery. We will guide you on how to tell an intriguing and truthful story driven by key points and recommendations. The session will also include a look into the future of visualization. We think the future goes beyond static charts and graphs and gets you thinking about how to use visualizations to spark the right kinds of conversations in your organization. This is a must-attend for anyone who wants to better convey their ideas to drive improvements within their organizations.