Session 6: Selecting the ‘Right’ Analytics Technology for Your Business

Ronan O’ Donovan , Partner, Opex Analytics

With the ever growing availability of analytics technology solutions flooding the market these days, the task of wading through it all and determining what makes the most sense for your business’s needs can be daunting at best. How does one get ‘past’ all the ‘hype’ and ‘buzzwords’ to the core benefits and drawbacks of all the options when determining what solutions to implement and even more importantly bring in-house.

In this session, we will share our tips and methodologies on what to look for when approaching this selection process. Not all technology is right for all businesses and we will share the key considerations we review with our clients to ensure their final technology implementations work to fully solve their problem sets as well as provide the room to grow and continually improve their analytics capabilities in the long term.