Session 9: Agile Product Development (Not Just in Silicon Valley)

Ronan O’ Donovan & Andrew Fox, Partner & Engagement Manager, Opex Analytics

Agile Product Development Methodology’ is a buzz phrase that seems to pick up steam in the tech landscape daily. Often talked about as the ‘best’ and ‘only’ way to manage and develop new products, even pop culture shows like HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ have jumped on the bandwagon as poking fun at this new development phenomena. All jokes aside however, we at Opex have found that when applied correctly, this methodology enables a very valuable shift from simply delivering analytics projects to delivering actual sustainable products that live on over time with the user base.

In this session, we will introduce this philosophy from an analytics perspective from start to finish. We will explore when it does or doesn’t work, and highlight with cases based on our experience with clients across many different industries and functions. We will also provide some tips on getting your teams on board and implementing this methodology on a consistent basis.