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Session 35: AI in 2020

Join Opex Analytics Founders and SVPs, Ganesh Ramakrishna and Mike Watson, for a a fun and high energy session that will give you some practical ideas to help you get started or ramp up your AI efforts in 2020. We hope to see you there!

Ganesh Ramakrishna and Mike Watson SVPs, Dec 18 2019

Session 34: Five Algorithms that Changed the World

In this Academy session Opex Sr. Research Fellow and Lehigh Professor Dr. Larry Snyder will discuss 5 algorithms that deserve a place in history. They are historic for their influence on computing, but also for their impact on the world of business and everyday life.

Dr. Larry Snyder Sr Research Fellow, Oct 30 2019

Session 33: Best Practices for Scaling the Impact of AI within your Organization

We often see data science teams being used to perform one-time analysis, with the goal of providing that single ‘aha’ moment for the business. Join us for this month's academy session where we will discuss best practices for transitioning your approach to the next wave of data science deliverables, decision support solutions.

Derek Nelson and Vish Oza Opex Partner and Principal, Sep 25 2019

Session 32: Fireside Chat with Optimization Pioneer, Dr. Ed Rothberg

The world of mathematical optimization has contributed greatly to the global economy for years. Many businesses have saved millions of dollars (and improved operational efficiencies) solving problems with this technique at the helm. In this academy session we are fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of the pioneers in this space, Dr. Ed Rothberg.

Join us for this month’s academy in order to gain a solid understanding of the power behind mathematical optimization and the enormous value it creates in the market today as well as a sneak peek into opportunities we see it supporting in the years to come.

Mike Watson and Ed Rothberg Opex Partner and Gurobi CEO, Aug 28 2019

Session 31: A Short Tour of Essential Data Science Technologies – What, When & Why?

The modern Data Scientist has to be good with a wide range of technologies. Which ones are most valuable to master? When is best to use them? What are they best suited to handle? We invite all Data Scientists (as well we those working directly with Data Science Teams) to join us for an interview style presentation focused on walking you through what we deem to be the ‘best products to know’ in 2019.

Ronan O'Donovan, Hari Murakonda, Javier Recasens and Jamie Green Partner and Data Scientists, Jul 31 2019

Session 30: Unmasking Today’s Supply Chain AI Hype – From S&OE to Digital Twins to Control Towers and Beyond

Join us for this session where we will dive into the hype and uncover the real solutions behind the Supply Chain AI buzzwords. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence will continue to create tremendous value across supply chains in all industries. The challenge for us is to continue to demystify what the market is talking about, translate that into solutions for our businesses, and implement what drives real value to our bottom line.

Kristen Daihes Partner, Jun 26 2019

Session 29: Machine Learning for your Inner Jasmine – Making ML Real in Business

My inner what? Your inner Jasmine. ‘Jasmine’ is an essential persona in any company’s AI success. Join us for this month’s academy to find out how Jasmine navigates through the complex world of algorithms without being a data scientist herself. In this session we will provide you with frameworks and cases centered on application rather than just science. Our goal is to equip you with the ability to ‘think like Jasmine’ and improve your ability to discover, define and champion valuable AI solutions within your own organization.

Ganesh Ramakrishna & Emily Kelly Partner & Business Consultant, May 29 2019

Session 28: Revolutionizing Ecommerce with AI

In this session we will discuss AI solutions fueling success in the face of rising Ecommerce demands. These solutions enable cross channel coordination, help create the ideal balance between speed and cost in your supply chain and provide a much deeper understanding of customers. Whether you are a retailer, in an adjacent industry, or simply want to improve, the opportunity to revamp the way your operations respond and react is more attainable than you ever thought.

Derek Nelson Partner, Apr 24 2019

Session 27: Lessons Learned: Common Mistakes in the AI Journey & How to Avoid Them

Hoping to avoid learning AI lessons the hard way? Join us as we dissect real examples of common AI implementation mistakes, addressing where businesses made a wrong turn and identifying how those missteps might have been avoided altogether.

Vish Oza Principal, Mar 27 2019

Session 26: Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning – Part II

Last July, we introduced the topic of AI Applications making a big impact within supply chain planning functions. This trend has continued to grow and reinvent the way companies are driving both efficiency and effectiveness across operations.

Kristen Daihes Partner, Opex Analytics, Feb 14 2019

Session 25: Understanding Automation – What to Use Where?

Review this session where we dive into the many forms of automation being implemented at companies just like yours. We will define the many classes of automation, where they provide value, level of difficulty in implementation and how they fit into an enterprise's broader AI journey.

Mike Watson & Andy Fox Partner & Principal, Opex Analytics, Jan 7 2019

Session 24: Top 10 AI Trends in 2018

The Artificial Intelligence Movement rolled on in 2018. The market witnessed both the evolution of more mature technology as well as the release of many new applications that will continue to gain traction in the years to come.

Mike Watson Partner, Opex Analytics, Dec 13 2018

Session 23: The Magic of Turning Algorithms Into Applications

In this academy session, we will walk you through our own best practices for converting algorithms into applications. We will showcase our platform, but also walk you through other common approaches - both commercial and open sourced. What works best for you will depend on where you are in your own AI journey.Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about and see examples of business value being created on the front lines through best in class deployment of AI.

Ronan O’ Donovan Partner, Opex Analytics

Session 22: Enhancing the Customer Experience with AI

This session will begin by defining Customer Experience, how it is changing and why it is important. We will share practical examples of how you can enhance these experiences using AI. We will then wrap up with a discussion on what this all means for the new skills needed in your organization.

Kristen Daihes Partner, Opex Analytics, Oct 17 2018

Session 21: Machine Learning + Optimization – Harnessing the Practical Power of These Combined Technologies

In the last five years, technology-driven businesses like Amazon have benefited immensely from using Machine Learning (ML). By identifying complex and empirical relationships in data, ML improves customer service and predicts business outcomes such as inventory availability and demand forecasts. On the other hand, Optimization (aka Operations Research) is the backbone behind some of the most intelligent enterprise software ever built -- from managing electric grids to redesigning complex global supply chains to pricing cruise packages.

Ganesh Ramakrishna & Ronan O’Donovan Partners, Opex Analytics, Sep 13 2018

Session 20: Demystifying AI

Lately, the popularity of the term AI has skyrocketed, and it often conjures up thoughts of Silicon Valley-esque stories: bots running your business or facial recognition unlocking every door in your house. When the idea of it seems beyond advanced but every software vendor knocking on your door claims to be doing it, deciphering its true value and the opportunities this presents becomes daunting.

Ganesh Ramakrishna Partner, Opex Analytics, Aug 16 2018

Session 19: IoT – An Introduction for Operations That Goes Beyond Predictive Maintenance

In this webinar, we'll cover the basics of how IoT can make an impact within your operations, how IoT is more than collecting data (you need AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well) and we'll hit on some of the more advanced topics we see looming on the horizon. We will round out the discussion with our thoughts on the new types of skills you and your organization might need to succeed in this area.

Ganesh Ramakrishna Partner, Opex Analytics, Jul 12 2018

Session 18: Uncovering the True Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

Like any other business function, marketers need to measure ongoing performance in order to optimize their marketing spend. Over time, this task has become a much greater challenge due to an ever-increasing landscape of analytical approaches claiming to solve this exact problem.

Vish Oza Marketing & Ad Tech Principal, Opex Analytics, Jun 20 2019

Session 17: Practical Applications in Transportation Analytics

Many firms are facing rising transportation costs, rising penalties for missing delivery windows (sometimes called OTIF), and pressure from customers for faster (and even same-day) delivery. It seems impossible to mitigate this. The truth is, there are many practical examples of applying analytics in order to alleviate or be proactive when it comes to dealing with this volatile and challenging transportation environment. From predicting carrier load acceptance to innovative analytics for last mile delivery strategies, companies must start using their data to find ways to better understand and plan around the current transportation landscape.

Kristen Daihes & Mike Watson Partners, Opex Analytics, May 24 2018

Session 16: How the Analytics Wave is Reenergizing Forecasting

This session will take you through the details of what is new and why you may want to rethink how and what you are forecasting today.

Mike Watson & Cyrus Safaie Partner & Sr. Data Scientist, Opex Analytics, Apr 5 2018

Session 15: Machine Learning, Inventory Optimization and the Beer Game

Review this academy session, led by Opex Senior Research Associate and Lehigh University Professor Larry Snyder, as he introduces the leading-edge research on using Reinforcement Learning (RL) for Inventory Planning. He will discuss how and why RL improves upon the current inventory planning methods and demonstrate its value using our newly released Opex Analytics Beer Game. The game not only provides a fun web-based interface for introducing the Bullwhip Effect, but also has a RL module that can play the game, highlighting the concepts Larry will introduce in the session.

Larry Snyder Sr. Research Associate, Opex Analytics, Mar 16 2018

Session 14: Scaling Inventory Solutions With ML and Good Design

Companies strive to build inventory solutions that produce strong results and that can be used for years to come. In order to achieve this, they need to make sure that their science is strong (the inventory recommendations are correct), that the solution is well designed (so planners can easily use it and so that it strikes the right balance between automation and ability to override), and that it continues to produce better output over time (which is where machine learning fits in). This session will highlight our experience in building effective inventory systems and the lessons we have learned along the way.

Mike Watson Partner, Opex Analytics

Session 13: The Science of Inventory Calculations and Optimization

Review this academy session led by Opex Partner Michael Watson, and Opex Sr. Research Associate Larry Snyder as they kick off our Inventory Series by walking you through the science of inventory optimization. This session will help you better understand the right way to model your inventory in order to remove working capital and improve service. We will cover the basics--because they are still powerful, still in use, and still misunderstood--as well as the latest, advanced topics. We will also point out practical industry applications you may find useful in your own inventory planning processes.

Mike Watson & Larry Snyder Partner & Sr. Research Associate, Opex Analytics, Jan 19 2018

Session 12: Kickstart Your Business Process Automation Journey With ML

Do you walk away from every blog, white paper or webinar on Business Process Automation wondering how it could actually apply to your own organization? All of the large scale advanced automation examples are interesting but what you really need is some good hard examples of how others are successfully taking the first few ‘baby steps’ into the world of ‘automation’.

Kristen Daihes Partner, Opex Analytics, Dec 7 2017

Session 11: Modeling and Mitigating Supply Chain Risk

This session will introduce you to some of the ways that disruption risks are considered in supply chain optimization models. We will discuss some “triumphs and fails” that companies have experienced in recent years when faced with disruptions. Then we will review some fundamental supply chain optimization models (such as the EOQ model for inventory optimization and the p-median model for facility location) and discuss how these models can be extended to proactively protect against disruption risk. We will discuss the tradeoff between supply chain cost and supply chain risk to address the question, “is it worth it?”. Finally, we will discuss the first steps that companies might take when starting to add disruption risk to their supply chain planning.

Larry Snyder Sr. Research Associate, Opex Analytics, Nov 15 2017

Session 10: What Should I Know About Open Source Software?

Are you sick of hearing the term 'Open Source' thrown around but not really understanding what it is or more importantly whether it could be of value to your business? The truth is, the Open Source Market is strong and robust. Many open source tools offer advantages over the commercially available tools. By finding ways to take advantage of this open source software, you may be able to drive down the cost of projects in general and further enable new analysis of all kinds.

Mike Watson Partner, Opex Analytics, Oct 13 2017

Session 9: Agile Product Development (Not Just in Silicon Valley)

In this session, we will introduce this philosophy from an analytics perspective from start to finish. We will explore when it does or doesn't work, and highlight with cases based on our experience with clients across many different industries and functions. We will also provide some tips on getting your teams on board and implementing this methodology on a consistent basis.

Ronan O’ Donovan & Andrew Fox Partner & Engagement Manager, Opex Analytics, Sep 7 2017

Session 8: Keys to Finding Funding for Your Analytics Roadmap

As a professional trying to champion the Analytics charter within an organization, it is imperative to ensure that there is adequate financial funding to support the effort. Funding is needed to buy necessary tools, to get the right headcount, to get consulting support as appropriate and other activities such as training the team.

Ganesh Ramakrishna Partner, Opex Analytics, Aug 24 2017

Session 7: Machine Learning Applications in Supply Chain Planning

This session will introduce you to some analytics applications we have seen making a true difference within the planning function of companies. We will review the latest trends in incorporating machine learning into forecasting, using algorithms to address short-term corrections in frozen planning horizons, the addition of predictive analytics in managing inventory, the use of machine learning to optimize key parameters, as well as the automation of root cause analysis used to prevent operational issues before they occur. We will highlight use cases from our own experience, share best practices from our own implementations and highlight where the future of analytics in planning is headed.

Kristen Daihes Partner, Opex Analytics, Jul 6 2017

Session 6: Selecting the ‘Right’ Analytics Technology for Your Business

With the ever growing availability of analytics technology solutions flooding the market these days, the task of wading through it all and determining what makes the most sense for your business's needs can be daunting at best. How does one get 'past' all the 'hype' and 'buzzwords' to the core benefits and drawbacks of all the options when determining what solutions to implement and even more importantly bring in-house.

Ronan O’ Donovan Partner, Opex Analytics, Jun 21 2017

Session 5: Best Practices in Visualization and Storytelling

Good storytelling and visualization are an important part of analytics. You need both to ensure that people understand the analysis and can take the appropriate action. It is vital to make sure your presentations tell the right story. Although there have been advances in visualization technology, we still see either too much emphasis on charts that look great but don’t convey what you want or too little use of the visualization technology. In both cases, you are missing a chance to get your message across.

Andrew Fox Engagement Manager, Opex Analytics, May 11 2017

Session 4: Testing New Business Ideas With Data

If you do any research on the application of analytics within companies you will quickly come across articles discussing how companies like Harrah's (casinos), Capital One, and Google claim to use data to test almost every new business idea that comes across the table. That is, they don't let the most powerful person in the room make a decision based on opinion-- they rigorously test the ideas with data and pick the one that the data suggests is best. Some even claim they run as many as 15,000-20,000 tests per year! This may seem hard to believe from a feasibility point of view and makes you wonder what they are actually testing.

Mike Watson Partner, Opex Analytics, Apr 13 2017

Session 3: Putting Together Your Analytics Talent Roster

This Academy session will help you determine how your company should get started in building out the Analytics skillset required to stay competitive in today's markets. If you believe most of the articles talking about analytics recruiting today, you would think you need to somehow build a team composed of eleven ‘Tom Bradys’ of the analytics world. In reality though, we find that putting together an analytics team is no different than acting as the GM for any NFL team.

Ganesh Ramakrishna Partner, Opex Analytics, Mar 11 2017

Session 2: What Business Leaders Need to Know About Machine Learning

This Academy session will help managers figure out what they really need to know about Machine Learning. Algorithms have become an integral part of our lives and business -- your credit card company calls you when they sniff 'suspicious' activity, Amazon intelligently sorts products you see when shopping, and Google gives very realistic arrival times in Google Maps. These are all examples of machine learning. But, it is not just for high tech companies. Machine learning is becoming an integral part of all business. We will go beyond buzzwords and provide you with concrete definitions, help you understand why it can work better than the more traditional methods, and address not only the potential but also limitations of implementation.

Mike Watson Partner, Opex Analytics Feb 2017, Feb 9 2017

Session 1: Understanding and Building Analytics Capabilities

This inaugural Academy Session aims to give you a solid foundation for truly understanding the full range of analytics; from the commonly understood descriptive category, to the new and growing predictive realm and of course, the ever powerful prescriptive solutions. These days the topic of 'open source software' often follows in the discussion of building out many analytics capabilities as well. We will discuss this category of software and the recent trends in its application of analytics solutions. So this is all good information, but how does your company get started?

Kristen Daihes Partner, Opex Analytics, Jan 11 2017