Beer Game

What Research Went into the Beer Game AI?

The research behind the Opex Analytics Beer Game began many months ago at Lehigh University. Professor Larry Snyder (also a Senior Research Associate at Opex) and his colleague Professor Martin Takac, along with PhD students Afshin Oroojlooy and Reza Nazari, set out to show the successful application of Deep Neural Networks (DNN), typically best suited for predictive analytics applications, within an optimization problem. The optimization problem, as you may have guessed, is the beer game.

Larry Snyder brought the Lehigh research together with the Opex development team to create what is now the Opex Analytics Beer Game. The research done by the team from Lehigh, paired with the years of experience Opex has in machine learning and inventory problems, creates a deep set of materials that highlight our expertise and thinking. Please feel free to read, share and reach out to us with your thoughts regarding any of the materials we list below. Enjoy!

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